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Dave Kristula


I was told studying Google Analytics for web sites I own isn't truly a leisure event, so I'll have to mention some random side-topics.

My first interest outside of computers is psychology. I like to look at how problems are created based on our much-varied pasts but how we can look at bits and pieces and get life largely back to normal. I'm more a fan of the cognitive part of psychology and less so on the chemical and abnormal parts of psychology.

I like to travel within the United States and hope to get a passport soon (Canada is looking more interesting every day.) I enjoy driving as long as it's not straight-flat-boring. I like to talk to people in different parts of the country and I enjoy noticing that we're all a little different but for the most part, most people have good hearts.

I tend to read for growth and research, and watch movies to relax and be entertained. I haven't had a lot of time for video games in the past 10 years but I'm hoping to get a little more into it as I am seeing more and more relevance in video games leading to productive problem-solving skillsets.

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