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Dave Kristula

Lists (Reading+Watching)

I like to look at a personal site like this as a starting point to learn more about the world, not just more about the person you're reading about. I can share a little bit of what's helped me, and hopefully you can go and help others by spreading useful knowledge.

If you can only read one book in the next few months, make it Steve Jobs. He was an amazing person and his story is both entertaining and insightful. Get your copy at Amazon in Hardcover or Kindle format.

I like to suggest people get started with some Sir Ken Robinson stuff. His book "The Element" is about how schools are pretty much failing by not realizing what kids are good at. (You can check out the book here at Amazon.)

Next on my suggestions is to read about how video games actually help education and the world. Two book recommendations:

You can watch a great video by the author of Reality is Broken free at YouTube: Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world

Next up, I'm a fan of IDEO, a creative design firm. I suggest you get copies of two books from them:

I'll be adding some movies soon.

If you have some spare time this month, start your design career.

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