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Did you know somewhere in Lancaster, PA there is a hungry casual app developer?

Just think, for $2.00 to $50.00, you could make sure he never goes hungry.

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There's no commitment. Give only when it's convenient for you. But you'll know, deep down inside, that you've changed a webmaster forever.

You can also help by buying a copy of Web Design Basics for iPad.

New Feature: I'm now giving a 30-day link (to your all-ages site) below in "Sponsors Club" if you sponsor $25 or more. Just include your address and link text in the comment box when you checkout.

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Ramentrepreneur Venture Capital Superpack
30-day supply of vitamins, ramen, and Mountain Dew MOST NEEDED!!! $49.95
Sponsor One Month Hosting/Domain$10.00
Healthy Options
Sponsor Produce-4-a-Day$3.00
Sponsor Produce-4-a-Week$15.00
Low Carb Options
Sponsor Box-O-Hamburg-Patties$5.00
Sponsor Steaks-2-Grill$10.00
High Carb Options
Sponsor Chips-O-Pretzels-O-Cookies$3.00
Sponsor Loaf-O-Bread$2.00
Sponsor Juice-Dela-Orange$2.50
Socialization Options - Breakfast
Sponsor 2-Eggs,Homefries,Wheat Toast$3.00
Sponsor    ...plus choice of meat$4.50
Socialization Options - Lunch
Sponsor 2-Tacos-N-uh-Drink$3.00
Sponsor Hamburg-n-Fries-N-Soda-Pop$5.00
Sponsor Six-Inch-Submarine$4.00
Socialization Options - Dinner
Sponsor Fried-Chicken-Din-Din$5.00
Sponsor Chinese-4-One$6.50
Sponsor Pizza-4-4$12.00
Sponsor Steak Dinner-4-One$15.00
Sponsor Steak Dinner-4-Two$25.00
Additional Donations Needed
Sponsor $5.00
Sponsor $10.00
Sponsor $25.00
Sponsor $50.00
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